Tuesday, March 9, 2021

LATAM Argentina officially closed on 05Feb21

LATAM Airlines announced the indefinite suspension of operations of its LATAM Argentina affiliate on 17Jun20.  

After nearly nine months of working on a possible restart of operations as the pandemic begins to subside, LATAM announced on 05Feb21 that "the difficulty of arriving at the multiple agreements that would have been necessary to take on the current situation made for an extremely complex scenario where it was not possible to envision a viable and sustainable long-term project, causing LATAM Argentina to stop flying".  LATAM Argentina was permanently closed, leaving 1,800 employees without jobs and substantially fewer options for the Argentine flying public traveling on domestic flights.

As one of the last steps in the shutdown of the carrier, its A320 fleet is being returned to lessors, first flying from Argentina to Santiago (SCL), which several of the airframes have already done. 

For details on the events over the years leading up to the carrier's shutdown on 17Jun20, please visit this link to a previous posting: 




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