Monday, May 11, 2015

Amaszonas CRJ-200 arrived in Montevideo (MVD) for Certification Process just after Midnight, Flew First Charter this Morning

As announced on Saturday, Amaszonas flew one of its CRJ-200's to Montevideo (MVD) on Sunday night arriving just after midnight early Monday morning. The aircraft will participate in the certification process of what is being called "Amaszonas Uruguay".

Surprisingly, "Amaszonas Uruguay" operated its first service this morning, Monday, May 11, a charter to Asuncion (ASU).  The flight, with 31 passengers on board, was operated by CRJ-200 CP-2856 (c/n 7226) and was the first of several charters that the Uruguayan DINACIA aviation agency authorized Amaszonas Uruguay to operate to Asuncion (ASU) this week.   

Per the Uruguayan travel website, Portal de America, the Argentine ANAC aviation agency has indicated that Amaszonas has not submitted an application for the authorization of CRJ-200 flights so the only aircraft that the Bolivian carrier can currently fly to Argentina under the former BQB Air Operator's Certificate is the ex-BQB ATR-72-212's.     


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