Tuesday, August 11, 2015

ROUTE UPDATE: Amaszonas never started Montevideo (MVD) - Buenos Aires (AEP) service, has increased flights to Asuncion (ASU)

Amaszonas bought the Uruguayan airline BQB Lineas Aereas in May 2015 but it is unclear what the Bolivian carrier actually obtained in the deal. 

At first, it appeared that BQB's Airline Operator Certificate (AOC) was part of the agreement but subsequent information appears to suggest that Amaszonas' purchase from BQB's parent company Los Cipreses S.A. only included the BQB brand name, limiting Amaszonas' ability to take over BQB's operations.       

The Uruguayan travel/aviation website, Portal de America, reports that one of the principal problems has been that BQB's AOC was issued with authorization for the carrier to operate ATR-72-500's but Amaszonas' operates a completely different type, CRJ-200 regional jets, which would require the Bolivian airline to go through an authorization process for this type with the Uruguayan DINACIA aviation authority before it could put them into service on former BQB routes, but that is assuming that Amaszonas did indeed purchase BQB's operating certificate and not just the BQB brand name ! 

The end result of whatever Amaszonas actually purchased is that the airline has yet to start service on BQB's most important and profitable former route; Montevideo (MVD) - Buenos Aires Aeroparque (AEP).  Portal de America claimed in May that Amaszonas never even requested rights for this route from the Argentine aviation authorities but Aviacion News quotes the Uruguayan Tourism Minister Liliam Kechichian as saying that Argentina has denied Amaszonas permission to fly from Montevideo to Aeroparque as it has with so many other foreign airlines seeking to fly to Argentina. 

However, Amaszonas, which has flown the Santa Cruz (VVI) - Asuncion (ASU) - Montevideo (MVD) route since prior to the purchase of BQB, has now also added pure Montevideo (MVD) - Asuncion (ASU) round-trips on a "special permission" basis, so there appear to have been some benefits to the Bolivian carrier beyond simply buying the BQB brand name.        



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