Thursday, September 17, 2015

FLEET UPDATE & PHOTO LINK: Sol Lineas Aereas first CRJ-200 Painted in Austral Colors !

The first CRJ-200 that Sol will reportedly take delivery of to start fulfilling its expanded code-share agreement with Aerolineas Argentinas / Austral has appeared painted in Austral colors but with Sol titles and a different tail logo from Aerolineas' sister carrier.  

This was somewhat unexpected as there has been no announcement of a color scheme change.  However, with Sol transforming itself into a feeder carrier for Aerolineas / Austral, it should not be too surprising that the carrier would abandon its "house" colors in favor of the Austral scheme for greater marketing consistency.

The aircraft in question is currently still with Air Nostrum of Spain as EC-IVH (c/n 7915) but is expected to be delivered to Austral on 22Sep15 and enter into service in mid-October. 

Recent photo of the aircraft in Montpellier, France as published by Rwandan Aviation via the excellent Argentine aviation blog Rollout Spotting:

An artist's impression of a CRJ-200 in Sol "house" colors as posted in late August, also from Rollout Spotting:


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