Thursday, April 28, 2016

LATAM Aircraft Color Schemes Revealed - Will appear on Current Airlines of LAN & TAM Group

LAN, LAN Argentina, LAN Peru and TAM, all airlines of the LATAM group that currently fly to Argentina and Uruguay, will soon fly under that one name and in the new color scheme revealed earlier today. 

It features a fuselage that is nearly all-white with all capital "LATAM" titles and a double sideways "V" logo above the windows in the front.  The tail features interlaced blue and pinkish red stripes with the blue sweeping down to the lower rear fuselage as illustrated here:

LATAM 787-9 over Rio de Janeiro.  (Photo: LATAM)   

LATAM A350 over the Andes.  (Photo: LATAM)

Details and commentary:

Look for this new color scheme at many airports in Argentina plus Montevideo (MVD) in Uruguay!

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