Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Andes Lineas Aereas modifies Titles & Logo with New Color Schemes

Andes Lineas Aereas has modified its titles and changed its logo (as illustrated above) and has applied the new titles to MD-83, LV-AYD (c/n 53015/1818), on both the fuselage and tail in what will apparently be a fleetwide modified scheme.

This artist's rendering as published in the Sir Chandler blog shows profiles of the new scheme:


Photos of LV-AYD on the avacionline.com website: 


It is also possible that the airline will change its scheme entirely to have the new-style titles on the fuselage in a billboard format, the new logo on the tail plus a red rear upper fuselage and grey lower rear fuselage as shown in the Linea ALA blog on both its current MD-80 fleet and planned future 737-800 aircraft :      


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