Tuesday, June 13, 2017

ROUTE UPDATE: Conviasa flights to Ezeiza by Wamos discontinued in May, operated by Turpial 737-400's and Conviasa E190's

Wamos Air of Spain had been operating 747-400, EC-KXN (c/n 25703/1025), on behalf of the Venezuelan state-owned carrier Conviasa between Caracas (CCS) and Buenos Aires Ezeiza (EZE) and Madrid (MAD) for a couple of years after the European Union rescinded Conviasa's route rights after failing a safety audit in 2012.  However, Wamos operated its 747-400 to Buenos Aires Ezeiza (EZE) for the last time on 03May17 citing "political reasons" for the suspension, stranding hundreds of passengers in the process.  

In response, Conviasa chartered two of the three 737-400's operated by the privately-owned Venezuelan carrier Turpial Airlines, YV-613T (c/n 24795/1870) and YV-622T (c/n 27384/2673), to fly between Ezeiza and Caracas (CCS) with stops in Santa Cruz, Bolivia (VVI) on 08May17.  The airline's third 737-400, YV-621T (c/n 27352/2624) also flew this route on 11May17. These flights were later complemented by a flight by one of Conviasa's own E190's on 13May17, also with a stop in Santa Cruz (VVI) for refuelling.       

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