Sunday, March 4, 2018

FLEET UPDATE: Flybondi received its 3rd 737-800, LV-HKR, on 03Mar18 at Cordoba (COR)

Flybondi's third 737-800, LV-HKR (c/n 32614/1201), arrived at Cordoba (COR) on 03Mar18 after a long delivery flight from Singapore via the Maldives, Angola and Brazil with the stop in the Maldives being for several days due to mechanical issues that had to be resolved.

The aircraft is expected to enter service with Flybondi within the next few days and none too soon as the airline has experienced chronically delayed flights since its startup a month ago, with flights arriving up to eight hours late not being uncommon.  Additionally, Flybondi recently started service from one of its two main bases, Buenos Aires El Palomar (EPA) (the other being Cordoba (COR)), to Bariloche (BRC), Neuquen (NQN) and Tucuman (TUC) with Corrientes (CNQ) and Jujuy (JUJ) to join its network in the coming days so it needs all the "lift" that it can muster.


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