Monday, March 5, 2018

ROUTE UPDATE: Flybondi added flights from El Palomar (EPA) to Bariloche (BRC), Neuquen (NQN) & Tucuman (TUC) with more new destinations soon

Flybondi started the following new routes this past week, almost exactly as previously announced with only the Bariloche (BRC) flight starting one day later than planned:

* Buenos Aires El Palomar (EPA) - Neuquen (NQN) - eff 26Feb
* Buenos Aires El Palomar (EPA) - Bariloche (BRC) - eff 27Feb
* Buenos Aires El Palomar (EPA) - Tucuman (TUC) - eff 28Feb

In addition, the airline plans to start three new routes in March, all out of Buenos Aires El Palomar (EPA), perhaps signalling that this will be its most important airport in the long run despite its strong presence in Cordoba (COR).

* Buenos Aires El Palomar (EPA) - Corrientes (CNQ) - eff 05Mar (delayed to 28Mar)
* Buenos Aires El Palomar (EPA) - Mendoza (MDZ) - eff 05Mar
* Buenos Aires El Palomar (EPA) - Jujuy (JUJ) - eff 13Mar (delayed to 28Mar)

The recent arrival of Flybondi's third 737-800 should make the operation of the new routes more viable. 

Editor's Comments:

When airlines start new routes, most of them like to get established in those markets and then build up frequencies before adding new routes to their systems.  Flybondi appears to be taking the opposite approach, adding as many new destinations as possible as quickly as possible, even if they only operate certain routes once daily or a few times per week.  

This might be due to many routes not being able to support many frequencies but maybe Flybondi is looking to get established in as many cities in Argentina as possible before Norwegian Air Argentina, the local affiliate of Norwegian, one of the world's most important Low Cost Carriers starts up in the coming months. 


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