Friday, December 19, 2014

Former Argentine Air Force 707-387B, TC-91, Painted in Lufthansa Colors for Movie

Former Fuerza Aerea Argentina 707-387B, TC-91 (c/n 21070/897) was recently painted in 1970's Lufthansa colors for filming of the movie "Colonia Dignidad" starring English actress Emma Watson.  The movie is based on events surrounding the 1973 Chilean military coup.  The aircraft was painted at El Palomar Air Force Base where some of the filming has taken place.       

TC-91 was delivered to the Fuerza Aerea Argentina on 11Jun75 where it flew for the Argentine Presidential Flight as T-01 until it was converted to a -387C configuration in June 1977 and joined the regular Fuerza Aerea Argentina fleet of 707's.  The aircraft went on to serve with Lineas Aereas del Estado (LADE) from 1996 until 2005/2006 when it operated some of the last 707 passenger services worldwide.  TC-91 has reportedly been at El Palomar ever since.

Photo of TC-91 in Lufthansa colors:


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