Wednesday, February 1, 2012

PHOTO GALLERY: Government / Military Aircraft at AEP - Part 3

Presidential Aircraft Republica Argentina 757-200, T-01, msn 25487/470 with thrust reversers deployed after landing on AEP's Runway 13 on 22Jan11, a sunny Saturday morning. 

Republica Argentina F.28-4000, T-02, msn 11203, taxis out on 10Jul10.

Fuerza Aerea Argentina F.28-1000C, TC-54, msn 11018, flying for Lineas Aereas del Estado (LADE), the state airline operated by the Argentine Air Force serving unprofitable  routes to smaller cities, on 24Oct10. 

Brazilian Air Force CASA C-105A Amazonas (C-295), 2807, msn S-040, takes off from AEP's Runway 31 on 03Oct10.  

Fuerza Aerea Argentina Learjet 35A, T-22, msn 35A-136, on 20Sep10.

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