Thursday, August 2, 2012

PLUNA Update: Lopez Mena of BQB Interested in Former PLUNA Routes but not the CRJ-900's

Juan Carlos Lopez Mena, owner of BQB Lineas Aereas, has said that he is interested in the former PLUNA routes but not the seven CRJ-900's that the government plans to auction off in September.  He described the airline business as "very risky" and that growth needs to be "a little at a time" indicating that acquiring seven aircraft all at once would be talking on too much risk, too quickly.  Referring to his successful Buquebus ferry business between Argentina and Uruguay, Lopez Mena said that he started with one "little ship" and grew from there.   He added that there are "perhaps cheaper or better aircraft" in the market than the CRJ-900's. 

Lopez Mena claimed that BQB made plans "to acquire long-range aircraft to fly all around South America.  This was in place before what happened with PLUNA."  The airline "bought planes for delivery later this year and next year" he said without giving further details.  Earlier reports indicated that BQB was looking to buy CRJ-200ER's. 

Sources:  El Pais Uruguay 17Jul12, 18Jul12

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