Saturday, March 8, 2014

FLEET UPDATE: Aerolineas Argentinas due to take delivery of 8 737-800's in 2014

Aerolineas Argentinas is due to receive 8 737-800's in 2014, with two already having been delivered in January, LV-FRK (c/n 41560/4759) and LV-FQY (c/n 39436/4764).

The others to be delivered are:

LV-FRQ 737-8BK (c/n 41561) expected in May
LV-FSK 737-8BK (c/n 41562) expected in July
LV-FQZ 737-8BK (c/n 41563) expected in October
LV-FUA 737-81D (c/n 40548)
LV-FUB 737-81D (c/n 39893)
LV-FUC 737-800 (c/n 41347)

This last one ought to cause some amusement in English-speaking countries !

By the end of 2014, Aerolineas Argentinas should have 10 737-800's and a total of 38 737 "New Generation" aircraft in its fleet.  


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