Saturday, February 17, 2018

NEW AIRLINE PLANS: Norwegian Air Argentina received its Argentine AOC on 27Jan18

Norwegian Air Argentina (NAA) received its Air Operator Certificate from the Argentine government on 27Jan18, only a few months after having applied for it, much faster than the nine months that it took Flybondi to receive theirs, presumably because the latter carrier is a start-up airline with no previous operational history compared to NAA's parent company, which is well-established and the sixth-largest Low Cost Carrier (LCC) in the world.    

NAA requested 75 domestic and 80 international routes at the 06Sep17 route hearings, of which only three domestic routes were denied with all 80 international sectors approved.  Of these, 14 domestic and 30 international city pairs currently have no same-plane service.  In all likelihood, NAA will operate only a relatively small number of the requested routes but, even so, the new routes will add a significant amount of additional airline service options to the Argentine flying public.

Aircraft to be used by NAA include 737-800's initially with the eventual addition of 737 MAX 8's and/or A321neo LR's plus the 787-8/9 for long-haul intercontinental sectors.  

NAA received its first aircraft, 737-800 LV-HQH (c/n 42278/6347), on 15Jan18 and is expected to start regularly scheduled service in the second half of 2018. 


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