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HISTORICAL INTEREST: Three F-28's that flew with the FAA as VIP+Presidential Transports

The Fuerza Aerea Argentina operated three F-28's as VIP+Presidential aircraft until their retirement in recent years.  Two of these also wore the military registration T-50, apparently also flying regular air force missions for the FAA.

History of the individual aircraft: 

F-28 Mk. 1000 (c/n 11028)

(c/n 11028) during one of the times that it was operated as T-01 between 1970 and 1975 and again between 1977 and 1992.  Note that it had no titles.  (Phil Perry Collection)

Another photo of (c/n 11028) when it wore the registration T-03, also in the early color scheme but with Republica Argentina titles.  (Phil Perry Collection)

(c/n 11028) operating as T-03, takes off from Buenos Aires Aeroparque (AEP) on 03Oct10 wearing its last color scheme.  (Phil Perry Photo) 

Fuerza Aerea Argentina / Presidencia de la Nacion F-28 Mk-1000 (c/n 11028) was delivered by Fokker to the FAA on 28Dec70 taking on the Air Force registration T-01.  The aircraft went on to fly as T-02 and T-04 before assuming its final identity of T-03 in 1995, which it wore until its retirement on 20Apr15.  The plane went on to serve as a source of spares for the remaining F-28's in service with the FAA.  "11028" was the first F-28 to fly with an Argentine operator and also the longest-serving F-28 in Argentina with 49 years flying in the country.   

F-28 Mk. 1000 (c/n 11048) 

(c/n 11048) after its arrival in Argentina following the 1976 Farnborough International Airshow where it was on display wearing a Fokker company scheme.  The aircraft was already re-registered as LV-LZN for entry into service with Aerolineas Argentinas and was eventually repainted in the carrier's scheme of the time, although in all-red colors instead of the usual two-tone blue.  (Phil Perry Collection)  

(c/n 11048) at Buenos Aires Aeroparque (AEP) operating for the Fuerza Aerea Argentina's Presidential Flight Group as T-02 in February 1997.  (Adrian Arzenheimer Photo - Phil Perry Collection)

(c/n 11048), LV-LZN, in full Lineas Aereas Entre Rios colors with additional American Falcon titles at Buenos Aires Aeroparque (AEP) in December 2003.  (Phil Perry Collection) 

(c/n 11048) at Buenos Aires El Palomar (EPA) as T-50 on 18Dec19, apparently retired from service with the Fuerza Aerea Argentina.  (Phil Perry Photo)

F-28 Mk. 1000 (c/n 11048) had a varied operational history flying for several entities, including Fairchild Hiller to whom it was delivered in 1972, followed by Aviateca Guatemala, back to Fokker for promotional work and finally going to Aerolineas Argentinas registered as LV-LZN in late 1976.

(c/n 11048) joined the Fuerza Aerea Argentina in 1977 as T-02 and also T-04, reverting back to LV-LZN in the early 2000's when it flew for Lineas Aereas Entre Rios and American Falcon for a couple of years before rejoining the FAA in 2005 with the military registration T-50 where it flew for LADE.             

Interestingly, this aircraft was assigned to Pope John Paul II' for domestic flying within Argentina during his tour of the country in 1987, even carrying the Vatican emblem on the fuselage.  (c/n 11048) also had some mishaps, including an inflight depressurization in 1992, a runway excursion during landing in Salta province in 1993 and some damage at Buenos Aires Ezeiza (EZE) in 1998, for which it was repaired.           

(c/n 11048) was spotted at Buenos Aires El Palomar (EPA) on 18Dec19 wearing the registration T-50 in the last all-white Fuerza Aerea Argentina colors for this type, apparently out of service.

F-28 Mk. 4000 (c/n 11203)

(c/n 11203) flying as T-02 at Buenos Aires Aeroparque (AEP) on 10Jul10.  (Phil Perry Photo)

(c/n 11203) at Buenos Aires El Palomar (EPA) on 18Dec19.  Note the Argentine Air Force 707 and 757 T-01 "Tango Zero-Uno" parked behind the F-28.  All three aircraft were retired and in somewhat derelict condition.  (Phil Perry Collection)

F-28 Mk. 4000 (c/n 11203) was delivered to Korean Air in 1984 where it flew for several years before going on to the Fuerza Aerea Argentina's Presidential Flight Group as T-02 in 1999.  It flew the rest of its career for the FAA, for a short time as T-50 and then back to T-02, before being withdrawn from use on 19May17.   

This aircraft was a model 4000, some 2.5m (7.5 ft.) longer than the 1000 and 3000 models that comprised all of the other F-28's that served with the Argentine military.   


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