Tuesday, October 30, 2012

ROUTE UPDATES: Argentina & Uruguay Routes by Aerolineas Argentinas, BQB, Gol, TAM, LAN & AeroMexico

The following are among the more significant route changes to air service in Argentina and Uruguay recently:

Effective       Airline           Route                  Equip       Change

23Oct12       BQB             MVD-ASU           ATR-72     Increase from 5x to 7x/week, stop
                                                                                  3x/week in Salto, Uruguay (STY)             
26Oct12       TAM             GRU-MVD           A320         Increase from 2x to 3x/day
28Oct12       Gol               GIG-GRU-COR    737           New Service Daily        
15Nov12       TAM             GIG-MVD            A320         New Service Daily
01Dec12       LAN             SCL-MVD            A320         Increase from 2x to 3x/day 
01Dec12       Aerolineas     EZE-CUN            A340         Increase from 2x to 3x/week
15Dec12       AeroMexico   MEXEZE             767/777     Reduce from 10x to 7x/week
XXDec12      BQB             MVD-FLN            ATR-72      New Service 

The new and additional MVD service is mostly to replace the cancelled PLUNA service per Aviacion News. 

Sources: http://www.aviacionnews.com/blog/
              http://airlineroute.net/2012/10/11/ar-cun-dec12/  via Eric Trum
              http://airlineroute.net/2012/10/18/am-eze-dec12/ via Eric Trum

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