Thursday, January 31, 2013

Argentina denies Uruguay use of shorter "Papix" Air Route between Montevideo (MVD) and Buenos Aires Aeroparque (AEP)

At least since early last year, when the Leadgate management group was still running PLUNA, Uruguay has requested Argentina to authorize use of the "Papix" air route between Montevideo (MVD) and Buenos Aires Aeroparque (AEP).

This route is 53 nautical miles shorter than the existing route which requires the airline to overfly Argentine territory for a longer period of time.  This has resulted in greater fuel consumption and higher Argentine overflight charges totaling some US$ 1.4 million per year for the ex-PLUNA.

The "Papix" route which would route aircraft directly from Colonia, Uruguay thirty miles across the Rio de la Plata to Buenos Aires would save 3-5 minutes flying time with lower fuel consumption and much less time overflying Argentine territory. 

The Uruguayan aviation authorities at the Civil Aviation Directorate (DINACIA) thought that they had a preliminary agreement for this new routing but Argentina recently decided not to allow it, apparently to avoid losing most of the overflight charges that they are now collecting. 

The "Papix" route was to be one of the first steps in the restructuring of airspace over Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay that is to be designed and implemented by an unnamed American company with the idea of making air routings shorter and more efficient and economical.   

Source:  El Observador Uruguay 23Jan13

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