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HISTORICAL PHOTO: Aero Sur Servicios Aereos 727-200 & Brief History of Unusual 727's in Argentina

Aero Sur 727-200, N373PA (c/n 20678/931) at Buenos Aires Ezeiza (EZE) in 1994. (Phil Perry Collection)

Aero Sur Servicios Aereos operated two 727-200's briefly in 1994, presumably on charter services.  The pictured aircraft, N373PA, was due to be re-registered as LV-WFC but this was not taken up.  A second aircraft, N376PA (c/n 20169/743) was re-registered as LV-WDS.

Most 727-100's and 200's that flew in Argentina were operated by Aerolineas Argentinas in their full colors with a few notable exceptions:

Aerolineas leased two 727-256's, LV-VFL/EC-CBL (c/n 20606/397) and LV-VFM/EC-CBM (c/n 20607/943), from Iberia during the two-month southern hemisphere summer in late 1992 / early 1993 which it flew in Iberia's full colors and titles.  A third 727-200, LV-VFJ/EC-CAJ (c/n 20593/883) was leased-in and presumably also carried the Spanish airline's colors and titles.

Aerolineas also flew 727-233, C-GAAJ, (c/n 20941/1128) for two months in 1993 in the full Air Canada colors of the time but with the Canadian carrier's titles and the maple leaf logo removed from the tail.  

One of the more unusual 727-200's to fly in Argentina was Aviogenex 727-243, YU-AKM (c/n 22702/1814) in the Yugoslavian airline's full colors and titles under lease to Aerolineas for the three month summer period 12/86 to 3/87.

Two other airlines operated 727's in Argentina, Dinar flew 727-22, OB-1570 (c/n 19153/508) in its own full colors and titles on lease from Aero Continente from 12/95 to 2/96 and STAF (Servicios Transportes Aereos Fueginos) leased 727-023F, HK-3667X (c/n 19430/366) from Aerosucre for a time in the mid-1990's.

The above information is from the excellent blog covering the history of individual aircraft operated in commercial service in Argentina featuring some very rare and interesting photos.

Source: Historias Individuales blog

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