Saturday, August 17, 2013

FLEET UPDATE: Six ex-Austral & Aerolineas Argentinas MD-80's Sold

Six former Austral and Aerolineas Argentinas MD-80 Series aircraft were auctioned off on 19Jul13:

Austral MD-83 LV-BEG, (c/n 49630) 
Austral MD-83 LV-BGZ, (c/n 49906)
Austral MD-83 LV-WGM, (c/n 49784)
Austral MD-83 LV-WGN, (c/n 49934)

Aerolineas Argentinas MD-83, LV-VAG, (c/n 53117)
Aerolineas Argentinas MD-88, LV-VBZ, (c/n 53049)

Air Capital Group of Miami bought the aircraft, which were reportedly to leave Argentina during August bearing American registrations.  The selling price has been kept private between the airline and the buyer.

Checking the company's website,, its AeroThrust division specializes in engineering work on the JT8D engine (the type used on the MD-80 Series) so its acquisition of the AU/AR MD-80's is presumably for their engines with the airframes possibly to be used for spares and/or scrapped.    

Most of the above aircraft, including LV-BEG, LV-WGM, and LV-VAG have been parked at the San Juan (UAQ) Argentina airport for at least a year, with LV-WGN resting at Jujuy (JUJ) and LV-BGZ at Buenos Aires Aeroparque (AEP). 
One other MD-80, LV-VBX, (c/n 53407) continues parked at San Juan (UAQ) not available for immediate sale apparently due to legal reasons. 

Austral MD-83, LV-BGZ at Buenos Aires Aeroparque (AEP) 
resplendent in the carrier's new colors on 26May12

LV-BGZ is unique among these aircraft in that it was the only one painted in Austral's new colors and it underwent a major check only a few weeks before being retired from service, having reportedly operated a few scheduled flights in the new colors.    


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