Wednesday, January 22, 2014

FLEET UPDATE: Aerolineas Argentinas orders 10 737-800's with Options on 10 More

Aerolineas Argentinas 737-800, LV-CTB, (illustrated above at Aeroparque in October 2012) might be joined by many more "800" models in the coming years. (Phil Perry Photo)

A piece of news from late October while the editor of this newsletter was traveling: 

Aerolineas Argentinas signed a "Letter of Intent" with Boeing for the acquisition of 10 737-800's with options for 10 more for delivery between 2016-2018.  The firm order was scheduled to be signed in 60 days, around the date of this writing, but no further news has been forthcoming. 

Aviacion News quotes the list price of the 737-800 at US$ 89.1 million but indicates that the type typically sells for far less to volume customers; possibly as little as US$ 42 million.  

The publication also asks if these aircraft will replace existing 737NG's from the Aerolineas fleet or will be added for new service.  With most of Aerolineas' current 737NG's being quite young and with many on lease for well beyond the delivery dates of those of the new order, it would seem that the new order will be mostly for new service. 

Editor's Comment:

If the 20 new 737-800's will indeed be for new service, that is a lot of growth in a short time. Could Aerolineas have ambitions of monopolizing the Argentine domestic market ?         


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