Tuesday, January 28, 2014

PHOTO GALLERY: Argentine Fokker F-28's - #1 of 10+ - Armada Argentina 5-T-20 (c/n 11145)

Armada Argentina (Argentine Navy) F-28 Mk-3000C, 5-T-20 (c/n 11145) parked at an unknown airport in November 1994.  (Phil Perry Collection) 

The Fokker F-28 has enjoyed much popularity in Argentina, mostly with the government and military, with some 17 airframes having flown in the country according to the excellent Argentine aviation blog "Historias Individuales".   

These have included 12 Mk-1000's, 3 Mk-3000's and 2 Mk-4000's.  Eight are reportedly still in service, six with the military and two as government VIP transports.  According to Wikipedia, the Argentine military/government currently have the largest fleet of F-28's in the world with all other remaining aircraft operating in fleets of one or two examples, mostly in military service. 

Argentina Aviation News, Photography & Spotting will produce a series of posts featuring photos and short histories of several of these aircraft in the coming months.  

The pictured aircraft above was delivered directly by Fokker to the Argentine Navy on 05Apr79 where it was based in the military section of Buenos Aires Ezeiza Airport (EZE) operating in the "2nd Naval Air Squadron for Mobile Logistical Support".  As far as the editor of this blog can tell, the aircraft is still in service today and has flown its entire career with the navy, interestingly with the exception of a short stint when it was leased to a company called Charter Fly from 1992-94 during which it was temporarily given the civilian registration LV-RRA.

The aircraft has a large cargo door on its port side (see photo in link below) and is presumably operated in an all-cargo or passenger/cargo combi configuration, especially given its role as a logistical transport.      




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  1. I Think that airport is Reconquista SATR, military plataform, next to de civilian.