Friday, July 11, 2014

UTair 767 Pilots detail apparent Runway Incursion by Aerolineas Argentinas A340 at Barcelona (BCN)

It has been referred to as a "near miss" and "runway incursion" but as far as the editor of this blog knows it has not been officially established that the incident at Barcelona (BCN) on Saturday, 05Jul14 involving a UTair 767-300 and an Aerolineas Argentinas A340 was either one of these types of events.

However, according to the pilots of the UTair plane, the Aerolineas A340 was instructed by ATC to cross Runway 02 AFTER the UTair aircraft landed but for some reason the pilots of the Argentine aircraft crossed BEFORE the Russian airliner touched down on the runway.  

UTair co-pilot Kirill Kuzmin, told the Russian newspaper "Izvestia"

"Before getting close to the runway we heard the air traffic controller's command allowing Argentinians to cross the runway after we had landed. The Argentinians repeated the comment which meant that they heard and accepted it.  But then suddenly - and without a clear reason - the Argentinians got onto the runway just as our altitude was going below 100 metres".

He went on to comment about the Barcelona (BCN) air traffic control:

"The air traffic controller clearly got confused. He went silent. We had nothing else to do than go on a second round. We have worked on this situation many times during training."

Kuzmin went on to claim that the air traffic controller "apologized", saying that the incident had been a "failure".

The UTair flight's captain, Nikolay Limarev, indicated that the Barcelona incident "could have been serious if the weather was no clear as it was on that day" allowing the UTair plane to see the Aerolineas A340 and execute the go-around in time. 

UTair has said that the incident is under "investigation".

In fairness, it would be interesting to hear the Aerolineas' pilots side of the story.


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