Monday, August 25, 2014

Manufacturer's Bombardier Q400NG visits BQB Lineas Aereas in Uruguay as part of South American Sales Tour

A Bombardier Q400NG visited BQB Lineas Aereas in Uruguay as part of a South American sales tour in late March.  

The aircraft operated a demonstration flight from Montevideo (MVD) to Punta del Este (PDP) for BQB senior executives, pilots, flight attendants, mechanics and other staff with the idea of familiarizing the company with the advantages offered by the latest version of the Q400, including its 1100 nautical mile range and 350-knot cruising speed.    

With BQB operating many longer sectors from Montevideo to Brazil the Q400NG's range and speed might be a good alternative to the airline's ATR-72 fleet, albeit a very good aircraft.         


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