Monday, March 2, 2015

FLEET UPDATE: Alas Uruguay's First Two 737-300's being Painted in Carrier's Colors in Porto Alegre (POA)

Alas Uruguay's first 737-36N, the former UR-GAN (c/n 28569/2996) flew from Ukraine, where it previously operated for Ukraine International Airlines, to Porto Alegre (POA) in late January to be painted in Alas Uruguay colors.

The aircraft, fitted with 136 seats, already carries the Uruguayan registration CX-OAA and will start service with Alas Uruguay flying charters in the coming months with scheduled service slated to start soon thereafter.  CX-OAA is expected to be delivered to Alas Uruguay's headquarters in Montevideo shortly.

Meanwhile, one source reports that the second 737-3RR, ex-UR-GAQ (c/n 28869/2887) is said to have arrived in Porto Alegre (POA) for painting.  It will be delivered as CX-OAB.

The airline is said to be paying a monthly lease of between US$ 80,000 - 130,000 on these two aircraft and the one (possibly more) to follow. 


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