Sunday, March 1, 2015

FLEET UPDATE: Second ex-company-owned PLUNA CRJ-900, CX-CRC (c/n 15175) left Montevideo (MVD) on 18Feb15

The ex-company-owned PLUNA CRJ-900, CX-CRC, (c/n 15175) left Montevideo (MVD) on 18Feb15. This was the second ex-PLUNA CRJ-900 to depart to new owner Strategic Air Finance, which had a sale price of US$ 9.7 million, US$ 1.3 million less than the U$ 11 million received for the first aircraft CX-CRF/C-GSKK (c/n 15204) due to defects found in its engines.  

In all, nine of the fourteen engines on the seven ex-company-owned aircraft were found to have problems resulting in the lowering of the previously-negotiated selling price of the aircraft by US$ 6.3 million.  

ex-PLUNA CRJ-900, CX-CRC, (c/n 15175) lands at Buenos Aires Aeroparque (AEP) on 10Oct10. (Phil Perry Photo) 



  1. All 7 are heading to GoJet/Delta Connection.

    1. Thanks Mark. I will add that info in a follow-up post. Regards, Phil Perry