Monday, June 5, 2017

NEW AIRLINE PLANS: List of over a Dozen New Airlines proposing to start service in Argentina

This posting is to bring together the names of new Argentine airlines that are proposing to start service and existing Argentine airlines that are either growing substantially or looking to possibly do so under the new route hearing regime. 

Existing Argentine airlines that have ADDED new service or soon will:

* Andes Lineas Aereas
* Avianca Argentina

Existing Argentine airlines that are PLANNING to add new service:

* American Jet

Proposed New Argentine Airlines:

* Alas del Sur - PROPOSED - NEVER STARTED - AS OF 30May20
* Flybondi
* Flyest
* Norwegian Air Argentina 

Rumored New Argentine Airlines

ALL BELOW - PROPOSED - NEVER STARTED - AS OF 30May20 * Amaszonas Argentina ? 
* Baires Jet 
* Buenos Aires International (Juan Maggio, ex-owner of defunct Southern Winds) 
* Flecha Bus
* Royal Class
* SABSA (Via Bariloche Group)

Information on most of these appears in past postings under the label "New Argentina Airlines - Post 2015".


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