Sunday, April 8, 2018

NEW AIRLINE PLANS: Azul Uruguay launch suspended due to Azul refocus on Brazil

Azul Uruguay, the new airline which was planning to start service out of Montevideo (MVD) in March this year, was put on hold by its parent company, Azul Linhas Aéreas Brasileiras, in late December 2017.

Three new ATR-72-600's, (c/n 1342) that was to be registered CX-URA(c/n 1360) that was to be CX-URB and (c/n 1367) to be CX-URY, were at the aircraft manufacturer's factory in Toulouse, France already earmarked to join Azul Uruguay but have since been reassigned to the fleet of Azul in Brazil. 

The start-up of Azul Uruguay was rumored to be suspended due to objections by its parent company to the certification procedures of the Uruguayan DINACIA aviation authority that took 16 months to license the now-defunct Alas Uruguay in 2015-16.  However, Azul Brazil said in a statement that the new division's start-up was due to a reassignment of resources to expansion in Brazil due to the country's nascent recovery from the economic recession of recent years.


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