Sunday, July 2, 2017

FLEET UPDATE: Argentine Presidential Transport 757 T-01 Update

Republica Argentina 757-23A, T-01 (c/n 25487/470), taxis at Buenos Aires Aeroparque (AEP) on 01Oct10. (Phil Perry Photo)

The Argentine Presidential Transport 757, also known as "Tango Cero Uno", has been out of service and stored at El Palomar (EPA) airport / military base since December 2015. It is up for sale at the reduced asking price of US$ 1.5 million, down from the previous US$ 2.5 million listing. 

The aircraft was delivered directly by Boeing to the Argentine government in July 1992 and, as would be expected with a government VIP transport aircraft, it has accumulated little time, apparently fewer than 20,000 hours, a fraction of the time that a 757-200 would log in a similar number of years in airline service.

Nonetheless, the aircraft has had a couple of incidents including a hard emergency landing at El Palomar (EPA) on 19Oct04 after an inflight engine fire. It is also due for heavy maintenance and repairs with an estimated bill of US$ 20 million for all the work. If it were to continue in a VIP role, its executive interior would probably have to be extensively modified and updated to the tastes of any potential buyers. A conversion to cargo service would be costly with the interior having to be ripped out and a large cargo door added. Most of all though, the estimated $ 20 million maintenance and repair bill has sadly made the aircraft primarily a candidate for parting out with any useful spare parts to be sold for re-use.


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