Thursday, August 31, 2017

NEW AIRLINE PLANS: Grupo LASA to request 5 routes at 06Sep17 Route Hearings

The Grupo LASA that is planning to participate in the 06Sep17 Argentine route hearings is presumably the same company as the bus operator based in Azul, Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina.  

The proposed carrier plans to present an exceedingly modest list of only five route requests compared to the much larger requests of airlines such, as Buenos Aires International Airlines, which plans to ask for authorization of up to 178 routes !     

Grupo LASA plans to operate ATR-42-300's on "Corridor" style routes linking multiple cities on linear or circular-shaped routes in the southern Patagonia region of Argentina focused mainly on Comodoro Rivadavia (CRD) and Neuquen (NQN).

The routes that will be requested are:

Comodoro Rivadavia (CRD) - Rio Gallegos (RGL) - El Calafate (FTE) - Rio Grande (RGA) - Ushuaia (USH) round-trip

Comodoro Rivadavia (CRD) - Esquel (EQS) - Bariloche (BRC) - Neuquen (NQN) - Viedma (VDM) - Trelew (REL) - Comodoro Rivadavia (CRD)

Comodoro Rivadavia (CRD) - Trelew (REL) - Mar del Plata (MDQ) round-trip

Neuquen (NQN) - Temuco, Chile (ZCO) - Neuquen (NQN) - Bahia Blanca (BHI) - Mar del Plata (MDQ) round-trip

Neuquen (NQN) - Bariloche (BRC) - Puerto Montt, Chile (PMC) - Bariloche (BRC) - Neuquen (NQN) - Santa Rosa (RSA) - Mar del Plata (MDQ) round-trip


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