Friday, August 25, 2017

NEW AIRLINE PLANS: Nine Airlines to request Argentina Routes at 06Sep17 Route Hearings

The ANAC Argentine aviation authority announced that the second route hearing initiated by the current Argentine presidential administration will take place on 06Sep17 in Buenos Aires.

Nine airlines that currently exist or plan/hope to start up in the coming year will participate; Argenjet Aviacion, Avianca Argentina, Buenos Aires International Airlines, Grupo LASA, Just Flight (Royal Class), Norwegian Air Argentina, Polar Lineas Aereas, Servicios Aereos Patagonicos (SAPSA), and Servicios y Emprendimientos Aeronauticos (SEA). The only one of these companies that participated in the first hearing on 27Dec16 is Avianca Argentina. 

Four airlines were caught by surprise by the announcement and were left out of the next hearing; LATAM, Baires Fly, Flyest, and Andes, the latter which was present at the first hearing. The ANAC was reportedly pressured by Norwegian Air Argentina to schedule the hearing after it had been delayed several times since March, threatening to move their operation to Chile if the haring did not go ahead soon.    

The nine airlines that are scheduled to appear have varying levels of seriousness and chances of becoming established in a significant way with Norwegian Air Argentina and Avianca Argentina leading the way.  

SAPSA is a modest operation that has been flying for several years in Patagonia and is now looking to expand ambitiously both domestically in Argentina and with the addition of international flights.  

Buenos Aires International Airlines is the comeback attempt of Juan Maggio of Southern Winds, which operated with varying levels of success in the late 1990's and early 2000's, succumbing to problems related to 60kg of cocaine discovered on one of its aircraft in Madrid in September 2004. PROPOSED - NEVER STARTED - AS OF 30May20

Two airlines, Argenjet Aviacion PROPOSED - NEVER STARTED - AS OF 30May20 and Servicios y Emprendimientos Aeronauticos (SEA) PROPOSED - NEVER STARTED - AS OF 30May20 did not request any specific routes, only permission to fly 727-200F's in cargo service and passenger ERJ-135's, respectively. 

Grupo LASA would like to fly ATR-42-300's in the southern Patagonia region and Just Flight (Royal Class) PROPOSED - NEVER STARTED - AS OF 30May20 is a long-established jet charter operation that plans to fly Fairchild Metros from Buenos Aires to smaller cities, mostly in the provinces of Buenos Aires, Rosario and Santa Fe.   

Polar Lineas Aereas is looking to fly both passenger and cargo services from the three main cities of San Luis province; San Luis (LUQ), Villa Mercedes (VME) and Merlo (RLO) plus Buenos Aires Aeroparque (AEP), Cordoba (COR), and La Plata (LPG) on both domestic and international routes. PROPOSED - NEVER STARTED - AS OF 30May20

The next posts in the coming days will further detail the plans of most of these airlines.


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