Sunday, March 7, 2021

FLEET UPDATE: First former Austral E-190 painted in Aerolineas Argentinas color scheme

The predecessor carriers of Austral Lineas Aereas were formed in 1957 and enjoyed various moments of alternating private and state ownership over the years until the carrier was finally fully absorbed by Aerolineas Argentinas with its identity disappearing altogether.

The first of  the former 26-strong fleet of Austral E-190's, LV-CMA (c/n 445), was recently painted in Aerolineas Argentinas colors.  Austral belonged to Aerolineas Argentinas during its last 10+ years of existence so its E-190 fleet was painted in a scheme almost identical to that of the parent airline with the only differences being a red stripe on the fuselage and Austral titles.  With the stripe removed and Aerolineas Argentinas titles applied, the aircraft is ready to re-enter service sporting its new identity. 

Photos of LV-CMA were published by the excellent Argentine aviation blog at the following link:  

Aerolineas Argentinas E-190 painted in company colors

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