Sunday, March 28, 2021

ROUTE UPDATES: Argentina - International flights to arrive two hours apart to allow for COVID-19 testing of incoming passengers

Further to the recently announced suspension of flights from Brazil, Chile and Mexico and limit of 2,000 passengers arriving on international flights per day, the Argentine Government's ANAC national aviation authority announced on 27Mar21 that all scheduled international flights were to have their approvals suspended, effective two days later on 29Mar21.  

While this seemed like a drastic measure, in practice it only meant that the existing flight schedules were no longer approved, not that the flights themselves were cancelled.  The reason for this was that all international flights are to arrive at least two hours apart to allow for passengers to undergo COVID-19 antigen tests and be held in a waiting room until the results have been processed.  This resulted in a shift of times for all flights, subject to approval by the ANAC.  


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