Tuesday, July 10, 2012

ROUTE UPDATE: First LAN 787 Route will be Santiago - Buenos Aires by end of 2012

The Chilean aviation blog "En Vivo Desde SCL" reports that LAN's first 787-8 is nearing completion at Boeing's Everett, Washington factory and could be delivered to the airline as soon as August, even though officially it is not due until October. 

The Chilean carrier announced in March that the first cities to see 787 service would be its Santiago and Lima hubs plus Buenos Aires, Madrid, Los Angeles and Frankfurt.  However, specific route information was recently announced including Santiago (SCL) - Madrid (MAD) and Santiago (SCL) - Lima (LIM) - Los Angeles (LAX) but the very first service will be the intraregional route of Santiago (SCL) - Buenos Aires Ezeiza (EZE), presumably to integrate the new type into LAN's fleet on a route close to its home base before it starts flying the other two longer-distance routes which are also transoceanic in nature.  So Buenos Aires should see its first 787 service before the end of 2012 ! 

Source: En Vivo Desde SCL http://envivodesdescl.blogspot.com


  1. que copado! por estos aires, aerolineas sigue sumando reliquias a sus filas...