Tuesday, July 31, 2012

PLUNA Update: Many Former Pilots & Flight Attendants Hired by BQB

While the future of PLUNA's assets, mainly aircraft and routes, remains uncertain, BQB Lineas Aereas has hired eight of the 128 pilots that PLUNA employed and 20 of its former flight attendants.  In addition, 80 pilots have received offers from carriers in Chile, Panama and even as far away as China and Vietnam, according to the pilots' union ACIPLA.  This is credible as there are flightcrew shortages in many regions around the world. 

Many ex-PLUNA pilots have interviewed at COPA Panama where the pay is US$ 8,900 per month, far in excess of the US$ 5,000 monthly wages they were making at PLUNA that had one of the lowest payscales in the region.  The pilot positions with the best pay and benefits are in the Middle East.

If many ex-PLUNA pilots find jobs elsewhere, the buyers of the seven CRJ-900's might find themselves with a lack of qualified flightcrew to fly the airplanes. 

Source: El Pais Uruguay 12Jul12, 16Jul12, 18Jul12 

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  1. Is this pay for Captains or First Officers, could you please be more especific. Thanks