Sunday, May 6, 2018

Flybondi - On-Time Arrival Survey during 16Apr18-27Apr18 - Big Improvement !

Flybondi's Early Operational Problems 

Flybondi recently completed its first three months of service, which the carrier inaugurated on 26Jan18.  The airline experienced many delays and operational problems in its early stages due to a variety of reasons ranging from only having one operational aircraft during its few weeks of service to restrictions on the number of operations that it was allowed to operate at its main base, Buenos Aires El Palomar (EPA).  See the following links to previous postings for further details: 

Flybondi's first month of service plagued with operational problems

Flight On-Time Arrival Survey - 16Apr18-27Apr18

The editor of this blog recently undertook to evaluate Flybondi's on-time arrival performance through a survey of the punctuality of its flight operations.  The initial idea was to follow all flights throughout the Flybondi route system during the two-week period from Monday, 16Apr18 to Sunday, 29Apr18.  However, the last two days of this period saw severe storms in much of Argentina, especially in the Buenos Aires metropolitan area, including Flybondi's Buenos Aires El Palomar (EPA) base, resulting in many delays that would have distorted a survey that included these two days, so the observed period was abbreviated to the twelve days between 16Apr18 to 27Apr18.  The results were as follows:
* 175 flights scheduled

* 126 flights arrived early or 15 or fewer minutes late = 72% on-time performance

* 35 flights were more than 15 minutes late = 20% 

* 14 flights canceled = 8%  


72% on-time performance is relatively low but it is still much better than Flybondi's performance during its first month of service when most of its flights were late, many by several hours. 

8% of flights canceled is also quite high but again, it is much better than during Flybondi's first month when cancellations reached 17% of all flights. 

Interestingly, 99 or 57% of Flybondi's flights during the 12-day period noted above arrived early, some as many as 30 minutes before their scheduled arrival.  


Flybondi will be adding four new cities to its route network in the coming months; Bahia Blanca (BHI), Posadas (PSS), Salta (SLA), and Santiago de Estero (SDE) but the airline is also scheduled to take delivery of its fourth and fifth 737-800's in May and June, respectively, with five more due by year's end for a total of ten 737-800's by then.

With more aircraft and its staff gaining more experience as they get into a regular routine, Flybondi's operations will presumably become more efficient and the carrier's performance will probably steadily improve.    


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