Tuesday, May 15, 2018

ROUTE UPDATES: Avianca & Avianca Argentina

* Cordoba (COR) - Lima (LIM) - eff 17Nov17 - APPROVAL REJECTED

Avianca had planned to start this service using E190's but approval of the flight was rejected, which came as a surprise given the current Argentine national government's apparent policy of approving almost all new proposed airline service.  LATAM Peru already flies this route so maybe the government considered that flights by both Avianca and LATAM Peru to their respective hubs in Lima (LIM) would be too much capacity on one route for a medium-sized city like Cordoba.  

Mendoza (MDZ) - Lima (LIM) - eff 01Apr18 - 1x/Daily

Flights operated with A320's.  This is Avianca's third route from Argentina with the other two being Buenos Aires Ezeiza (EZE) to Bogota (BOG), operated 1x/daily with 787's, and Ezeiza to Lima (LIM), flown 2x/daily using A321's and A330's.  

* Cordoba (COR) - Rosario (ROS) - APPROVAL REJECTED

Avianca Argentina included this route linking Argentina's second and third-largest cities in its requests made at the route hearings in September 2017 but it was rejected.  Apparent reason given was insufficient traffic on past scheduled flights on the route, which made the request subject to a law prohibiting services on lightly-traveled routes.    

It should be noted that Avianca and Avianca Argentina are two separate entities owned by the same parent company, Synergy Group. 



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